Consulting Services

Companies always try to find new and exciting ways to promote and expand their brand. We provide consulting services, always with fresh and exciting ideas on how to take advantage of the web and technology in general, in order to promote our customer’s brand and reach even more people.

Web Strategy

Web strategy is what binds Business, Technology and Community together. If you balance the above elements with a clean web strategy you can have the best results in your web presentation as a brand. We offer complete web strategy plans for companies that really understand the meaning and the importance of a web strategy plan.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Advertisement companies always had the problem of delivering ads to targeted groups. Now with social websites this problem is extinct. We take advantage of that technology and we can channel your brand to specific people, time and place. We provide complete SEM campaigns that can bring results and potential customers to your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is the smartest way to promote and expand your brand. People spend hours building their online social status. By creating specialized content that will attract attention and encourage the readers to share it, SMM will elevate your brand to the next level. Now with SMM we can bring the word-of-mouth advertisement method back to life and win the trust of people while retaining minimal cost.

Email Μarketing

An offer or a new product can do great things but without informing your clients about this, it’s an effort in vain. Email marketing is our key player when it comes to going out there and informing people about the new product or a special offer you have just released. With advance tools we take this service more steps further than just send-and-forget-about-it. We provide you with reports on how each email campaign went and the way the recipients interacted with it.