Case study: Smart Club Northern Greece iPhone application


Smart Club Northern Greece application is a unique app that really revolutionizes the way Clubs can work and the services they can provide to their members. After analyzing our client’s needs we came up with a smart application that covered all of their requests and then some. Our main goal was to deliver an application that would make the club and their members happy and to be proud of.

In this application you can find information about the upcoming events, while a countdown counter will inform you about the time and a map will inform you about the place. You can also use the `drive me` feature in order to be guided to where the event is scheduled to take place. In addition to the upcoming event you can browse all past events, updated with information on what took place and also images of what happened. A news section is also available for the members to stay up to date with the latest trends and news. SCNG has built a nice gallery with high-end photos that you can browse at your leisure time and enjoy the quality of the images. In the last section you can find all the contact information needed in order to get in touch with SCNG and last but not least a list with all SCNG's respectful sponsors with links to their websites.


The client

Smart Club Northern Greece is a remarkable automotive Club composed of proud owners of MCC Smart cars. Founded in December of 2007, they always try to evolve and do things that no other automotive club does. Organizing trips, races, huge events and night-outs, they are open to all kinds of new ideas that will increase their popularity and have a real great time as a club. They always try to find new and forward ways to reach to more members and advance their services as a club.

Client's words

“We would like to have an application that will help and improve the way our members interact with us and stay informed about the latest events that we organize as a automotive club. It would be a nice feature for our members to be able at any given time to browse all the past events, get extra information and view relevant photos. Clean design, no distractions and no unnecessary things is a must. We want to be the first club that will launch such an application and we really want our members to be proud of it.”

Client's objectives

  • Display information on upcoming event
  • Ability to browse all past events, with extra information and photos
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact information
  • Interactive buttons (Call SCNG, links to social websites)
  • Ability to update application's content
  • No distractions and unnecessary things
  • Clean design
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Make our members proud

Key requests

Update content via web
Upcoming and past events
Photo gallery
Make club's members happy
Contact information

Our solution

Our approach was to deliver to our customer an application that would fulfill all requests and also add some more that would make the difference. After our first meeting with our clients, their goals were clear to us. We analyzed the request and we came up with a complete idea that we presented to our client. They were thrilled to see the final product.

We added two more sections that we believed would help the club to promote and keep members active to the application. Those were news and sponsors. We also used geolocation technology and google maps in order to improve the visual part of the upcoming events. We also added the drive me feature that helps people go to the event even if they do not know where this address is.

In this project we wanted to design something elegant and nice, something that members would like and understand while keeping it user friendly and easily comprehensible. We believe we really hit that mark and made our client happy.

Extra features added

pixel perfect design
user friendly experience
maps & geolocation technology
news section
sponsors sections

The final product

After weeks of development we finally made SCNG's idea a final product.

In this project we tried to complete all client's objectives. But we also tried to elevate the application to the next level by adding our ideas and our prospective to the project.

We tried to take advantage of the power and the possibilities that iPhone gave us, by using geolocations, google maps, drive me services and many more and managed to complete the project successfully, thus making our client happy with the final product.

We believe that any company, club, organization or even individual can have a great idea that we can together turn into a unique product and really have an impact on the industry.