Case study: website

Project information is a web portal that allows members to write reviews on everything and everyone. Fully supporting their motto "Your voice has power", they never censorship any review written on their web portal. Users visit to share their experiences (good or bad), talk, exchange opinions, agree or disagree but most important get information from another point of view. That is what makes this site so unique, the method articles and reviews are written; it's not just another news website. On the contrary the interactivity provided to its members and the opportunity it gives them to be part of that makes it stand out, above its competition. The project was released on July 15, 2011 and since then it is the only one of its kind.

The client

Mr. Stathis Papoulias is a TV persona and a radio producer. Born in Athens, he grew by the Acropolis and Plaka. He has been a reporter and a host of radio shows in public and private radio stations. He was a founding member of Kanali 15, which was the first major attempt of the Free Radio Movement and also pursued a career as a producer and manager in Klik FM. Besides his passion for radio, he also took part in numerous TV talk/gossip shows on various channels.

In addition to all his activities, he believed that a free and open minded web portal, where people could share their reviews, was missing from the Greek web space. He thus decided to create one and the result was

Client's requests

  • User friendly enviroment
  • Fresh design
  • Review system
  • News section
  • Members system
  • Rating system
  • `Add your comment` feature

Our approach

This project was a real challenge. We had to take 2 separated web systems and find a unique way to combine them and as well as find smart ways to interconnect them so that to the visitor’s eyes they would be as one. Apart from the duplicate role of the website, we had to find and combine tools that will enhance users' experience, make it easy to use and easy to understand. JQuery and various plugins helped a great deal in completing this task, but sometimes you must build your own plugins, and so we did, creating unique Image editing tools and various mini plugins that really elevate users' experience and their abilities to do things.

Still, not all things are made for the visitors or members, so we designed and developed a user friendly administration panel that can make an admin's work very easy. We have added tools so that any aspect of the website can be managed, which is why we call it fully dynamic. We have also implemented the advanced rich content editing tools here, so that administrators can work with the same method we provided to the members.

We developed a new advertisement management system that provides unbelievable options to the administrator when managing the website's advertisements. The administrator can choose period, category or subcategory to be displayed and much more.

Our objectives

  • Improved user experience (easy to register, easy to write review etc)
  • Easy to use administrative tools (user management, reviews management etc)
  • Advanced tools for text editing, video implementation and image editing tools for advanced content management
  • Advanced advertisement management system
  • RSS Feeder mechanism
  • Ability to add `Versus` review

Technologies used

  • HTML4
  • CSS2
  • JQuery
  • Javascript
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL
  • XML

Project's key points

  • Double role website (reviews & news)
  • Advanced advertisement management system
  • RSS Feeder mechanism
  • Advanced rich content management tools