Case study: iKEP iPhone application


iKEP is an application designed to help people locate the nearest Citizen Service Center. Using technologies such as geolocation, google maps, and API service we manage to deliver to users a unique and useful application that will be helpful. We have collected more than 1000 POIs and the procedure of turning that data into useful ones for our application was an unforgettable experience. We truly believe that this application helped us become better at what we do.

The procedure

The idea

It all started when we wanted to create an app that will help people navigate to the closest Citizen Service Center. We wanted this app to be easy to use, user friendly and most important helpful.

Data collection

The basic thing we needed in order to complete this application was data. We assembled a team of people to help us gather and process the information needed in order to accomplish the project.

Reverse geo-coding

After finishing the data collection we had what we needed but not in the way we needed it. In collaboration with Google maps we managed to reverse geo-code almost all the addresses that we had in our database. The rest was made via user interference, thus increasing the percentage of geo-coded addresses to 98% of all POIs


While people where collecting data, we started creating some mockups in order to visualize the way our application would work and display the data.


When design and data collection were complete we started the main application development. Having a clear view of our goal is always the best approach to completing projects.

Deployment and distribution

After some tests and bug fixes we managed to complete the application and distributed it to the app store.


People started downloading the app like crazy, hitting position #2 in the app store, with more than 6000 downloads, served more than 12000 calls and still counting.

Meet the features

Home, List & Map screens

Information screen

a Few final words

This application is one of our favorites because it is an in-house application, we put all our love into it and it is really satisfactory to create an application that you know will help people in their everyday life. Locating the nearest Citizen Service Center can be a taunting task, but with iKEP without too much effort you know where you must go and save time in the process. However, this application does not stop here, since we constantly update and improve our database with the POIs and try to fix any issues that our data might have. People's reaction to this application is impressive and we really appreciate that our products are able to reach out and help people. We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far and we promise to keep up the good work.