Case study: Fishbone internet Radio iPhone application

Fishbone Radio

Our client was Fishbone Radio Thessaloniki, Best Urban Sounds Around powered by Dj Sneekie, which you can now access on the internet through this application. The navigation options for the user are 3. First of all, live streaming, so that you can listen to your favorite station live from your iphone. Secondly, the contact information option for any issue you might want to share with them and thirdly a list of all the upcoming as well as past events. Enjoy!

The client

DJ Sneekie is a well known dj on the decks of Greece, mainly performing in his home town Thessaloniki. With years of experience on the decks he took a step further and opened his own Internet Radio Station to make his own voice and his own favorite music mixes be heard to people. The unique feature that Fishbone radio offers is the opportunity to listen to live performances given by great DJs to night clubs around the country. Even when no live performances are being broadcast, the best urban sounds around are always on the mix.

The features

  • Background playback
  • Airplay feature
  • Volume control
  • Option `disable background playback`
  • Current song's title display
  • Control panel screen
  • Upcoming events screen
  • Social buttons
  • Embed email functionality

The application

a Few final words

After completing radio applications for Cosmoradio and Plusradio we have a sound knowledge on iPhone radio apps. We started by building the most important features that an radio app needed and we did that with success, but clients lacked the budget to fund the application further in order to have an advantage. Fishbone radio gave us the opportunity to take this application one step further and by adding events list and `current song information` we managed to complete the features that every other major iPhone radio application offers. Currently we keep evolving our iPhone radio application by building back-end web systems that will provide more features, improved listener interactivity with the radio station and increased flexibility to radio stations. Stay tuned!