About us

We are a digital agency which consists of a small group of talented people with big ideas. We are dedicated to our passion, which is creating secure, fast performing, user friendly and affordable web & mobile applications meeting all kinds of needs.

Our History

It all started back in 1997 when our curiosity brought us closer to the "world wide web". The web was so attractive to our young eyes that it was definitely sure that we were going to be involved with it. In the beginning we were creating small websites as a hobby and experimentation. Then studies came. Later on we managed to master Macromedia Flash, a revolutionary technology some years ago, which is until now used very often. Complex server side development and database design as well as analysis were always the core of our successful projects.

The years have passed, we delivered a lot of different projects and the team became a company. Pixrow Digital Agency is now well known for delivering secure, user friendly applications even for the most complex needs and demanding problems.Today Pixrow has its base in London, UK and is offering its services worldwide.

Our Target

Our target is to deliver quality software and services that will satisfy both our clients and the end users.

Furthermore we strive to design and develop all "these" procedures that will transform the "idea"into a business. Even if you need a small website, a branding service, an app, SEO, or if you want to plan your online strategy Pixrow can help you and be there in every step of the way.